I am a fashion stylist and designer, currently based in London. I began my fashion career at the age of 18 and since then have worked as a designer and stylist for renowned local and global brands. After moving to Europe in 2016 to pursue further study, I worked as a fashion assistant for Alberto Murtra and Mafer Navas in Barcelona, collaborating on high-profile editorials for publications such as Harper's Bazaar, El Pais & Rabat Magazine, among several others. Over the years I have become interested in art and photography and developed extensive knowledge in trend spotting, aesthetics and both editorial and personal styling. I have created this site to showcase my work and share with people the things I have learnt and experiences I have had to hopefully inspire others!


this blog


This is a blog about anything and everything that I've learnt in my fashion career as a designer and stylist.

I'm writing it because I want to empower women and help them understand their bodies better and how the clothes they wear can not only change their outward appearance but also how confident they feel inside.

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