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Creative Corner - Outfits Inspired By Art

Updated: May 20, 2020

A new and exciting capsule that I have created, featuring 4 outfits inspired by 4 famous artists!

I looked for inspiration in the colours as well as the story behind each piece of art.

I hope this inspires you as well to make some outfits and play around with colour in your wardrobe!


Henri Matisse invented the collage, he called it "painting with scissors", and that captured my attention. It is such a common thing to do when you are a kid, expressing yourself through cuttings and colours!

I chose this particular poster from 1947 which has pastel shades and a bright blue abstract shape that brings your eye to that specific part of the piece.

This inspired me to use a colour block outfit to recreate the colour combination, bringing the focus to the blue bag.

Gustav Klimt

The use of colour and detail is what captivated my eye and I chose for this outfit a patterned midi skirt, with a printed t-shirt and boots, finishing the look with a blue bag.

Frida Khalo

This androgynous look that Kahlo presents here may refer to her own bisexuality. It also may refer to her break up and her new autonomy selling her work to support herself financially.

This inspired me to use a strong statement with the oversized suit, which can be quite masculine, but giving a feminine vibe by combining it with the texture of the ruffled top.

Salvador Dalí

The Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí is one of my favourites to look at and every time I try to understand his paintings I see something new!

The inspiration for this look comes from the colours and the tiger print that appear in this painting, creating a cool outfit mixing tie dye with print and using denim shorts which will be great for this Summer.

What's your favourite!?



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