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El que Quiere, Puede.

Updated: May 20, 2020

“El que quiere, puede”. These are the words I heard over and over again from my Mum whilst growing up in Argentina. Its meaning in English is “If you want it, you can achieve it”. I always had a lot of energy and curiosity growing up, but without these encouraging words from my family and the support they have given me, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

This attitude has helped me travel around the world, live in different countries, and have so many different experiences - even in a second language - which now looking back seem insane.

Six years ago, I was living in Buenos Aires, working as a designer for fashion companies, as well as for my own brand. During this time I found myself enjoying other areas more than design. I loved creating visual compositions, beautiful imagery and letting my creativity fly!

With that as an excuse and a craving for personal growth, I decided to take a lot of hard decisions and move to Barcelona. I put together the savings I had and with the support of my family I found the courage to move to Barcelona to follow my dream.

After finishing a masters in fashion styling, I got caught up in a job as a designer for Inditex (needed to pay rent somehow!). It was a great experience don’t get me wrong, but I always had a little voice in the back of my mind that said “I don’t want this, I want to work as a stylist!”.

This ended up lasting 4 years, which I do not regret as it gave me the opportunity to move to London (btw how’s my English guys?! Haha).

After a lot of thinking I took a really hard decision… AGAIN… to give styling a proper try.

So I quit my job, did a short course and started surfing this wave of fresh and exciting experiences.

It was a scary move! I had to start over from scratch, leaving my comfortable life and jumping into the unknown. But I think, after a bumpy start and some hard work, I am much happier than before. I have ups and downs of course, but I feel that it’s worth the effort.

As part of this I am challenging myself to write more. I am not a good writer, but I am giving it a try, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to see if I can do it and keep learning!

As my mum always told me, “El que quiere, puede”, you have to want it hard and work towards it, and always remember anything is possible!

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