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5 Sustainable Denim brands that you need to know.

The denim washes are one of the most harmful processes to the planet in fashion. So if you buy, choose wisely!

Have a look at these 5 denim brands that are sustainable and cool!


This brand is designed in LA and all about doing less harm to the planet.

Their jeans are environment-friendly using sustainable fabrics and also utilising much less water in their process. They are a brand that works with ethical factories and cruelty-free processes among other things. They have a vintage look with a modern updated feel - go to their website to find out more!

Warp + Weft jeans

This family-owned brand is completely transparent about its manufacturing process. They produce every single aspect of the designs they create, having their own mills and getting all the raw material from the U.S and dyes from Europe. They have four core fabrics that are Dynamic, Oneder, Power, and Classic, each with different characteristics.

What is really interesting about this brand is that they produce jeans for a big range of different bodies, trying to provide the best fit to their customers of all ages and sizes. Their goal is to make great denim for everybody, and every body - have a look and find the perfect pair!

I love this brands aesthetic and it is great that Sézane is trying to be more sustainable.

They are a French brand that launched new sustainable denim styles, using organic cotton and reducing the water for their production and using laser for detailing their jeans.

These affordable vintage-inspired sustainable jeans still have the characteristics of their original key styles.

A zero-waste denim brand that sources their unwanted jeans from vintage stores around the UK, to reinvent them into unique new jeans and jackets. They wash these pre-owned items in a launderette in East London using just 7 litres of water (a new pair usually needs around 7000 litres of water).

They are also involved with schools and artists that work with any scraps that are left from their production, making use of every single piece of fabric.

Etica is a brand that has strong ideals of conscious manufacturing as well as fair labor practices.

They have been making denim for the last 20 years by always being aware of sustainability and eco-friendly technologies.

Cotton is one of the most important yarns to produce denim, but it makes a huge impact on the earth, it needs a huge amount of water and also pesticides. Etica is actively looking for other eco-friendly alternative fibres to mix or completely replace the use of cotton.

In terms of colours they have jeans made with a sustainable tie-dye blend from plants like bougainvillea, chrysanthemum, and natural indigo.

I hope you liked these suggestions and that this helped you find brands that are thoughtful about their production processes and materials. Hopefully this way we can all do a little bit less harm to our planet.


Vic xx

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