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During lockdown I have been saving a lot of interior design inspiration, some DIY (which I love) and some new ideas to maybe redecorate your home or just to get inspired for the future! Picture credit as tagged: ... (go check out their profiles and give them a follow if you like them🤍)

First we have @kodeordeter.

I love the way they play with the different kinds of green, on the sofa and on the walls!

Another thing that I am in love with is to have a wall full of different kind of frames, that way you can add art to your wall and I think it's a great way to show your personal style through them!

In this neutral living room we can see how the accents are given by the art on the wall and some of the accessories they chose to put on the sofa. This is a really nice way to bring your style in a more classic way. @theinteriorsedit

This final room is from @eyeswoon.

It has a more rustic feel, adding a pop of colour and interest with the sofa in a really modern shape. The ceiling, lamp and the bench creates a more rustic kind of vibe.

✨Really hope this post inspired you!

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