✨Shirt 3 Ways!✨

This is a staple in my wardrobe so I wanted to show you how I styled it into 3 different outfits.

This is a really versatile item that can be used for a casual event as well as for a dinner party with friends or even for work. Be playful and try different outfits with items that you love, this will give you infinite options and encourage you to refresh your wardrobe and start using your clothes much more!

💭What is the favourite item in your wardrobe?💭

Shirt @boden_clothing

Jeans @gap

Off white corduroy trousers @zara

Chunky necklace @boden_clothing

Charol bag @pruneoficial

Earrings vintage

Scarf warmi.org

Skirt @topshop (old)

Boots @zara

Jacket @mango (old)

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