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Updated: May 20, 2020

Manolo Blahnik at The Wallace Collection.

The Wallace Collection has an incredible exhibition with lots of interesting displays that have never been seen before. It’s the perfect combination between art from the 18th century and contemporary fashion.

“It was – and remains – one of my favourite museums with the most refined selection of art. I am incredibly humbled and honoured to be a part of the project and have my work displayed at the museum,” - Manolo Blahnik

The gallery has an exciting set of paintings and objects from the Rococo times, the most famous painting that they have is “The Swing” from Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1767). In this exhibition we can see that the most playful part of this painting (the flying shoe) is actually coming to life with a Blahnik.

In this exhibition we can see a hand picked selection of shoes from the greatest Spanish shoe designer, that complements the aesthetic of the gallery in every way.

The selection is a big range of shoes, showing us the details of these pieces of art. We can see the trimmings that were used on them such as lace, buckles, feathers and fringes that gives the characteristics of the designer.

The colour palette goes from pastel shades to dark red, giving drama to the exhibition.

One design in particular that captured my attention was the daisy ankle boot, with delicate cut leather in daisy shapes creating a pattern and hints of yellow to draw the inner part of the flower, and finishing with the heel in the same colour.

This exhibition is a must see for this rainy June, it’s free entry and The Wallace Collection also have private talks in the evenings, for those of you that want to know a little more about the Blahniks. You can book online here.

Totally recommend!

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