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Designer of Dreams

Updated: May 20, 2020

Dior at The V&A

This is an extraordinary exhibition, elegantly showcasing the history of one of the world's most famous and influential designers. If you are in London and love fashion, it is a must go! After a few weeks of being sold out, the V&A opened up a new early slot, with many more tickets to be able to see this dream display.

“We’re all different, we all have different styles, but Dior is a place where all women can find a place.” - Maria Grazia Chiuri

Christian Dior was a dream designer, every single dress is a personal and inspired piece of art, dedication and love for women. He wanted to give women clothes where they could feel comfortable whilst still retaining elegance. Initially designed by Christian himself, the artistic directors who succeeded him did a great job in following his steps.

This exhibition takes you into a dream trip to the perfect fashion world, where anything is possible. From the 'new look' to the present trends, in every section the V&A team and Chiuri, have told his story in the best way possible, with amazing coordination, set design, lighting, every single detail is perfect.

The room that blew my mind was "The Garden". The paper flowers growing from the ceiling, the lights in pastel colours such as pink, lilac and blue made the perfect atmosphere for the dresses. And the most important part, the dress in the middle full of embroidered flowers, took my breath away!

So if you have any spare time, I would definitely recommend this amazing exhibition that will inspire you to another level.

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