Wrapping gifts, decorating the Christmas tree and preparing the feast for the night is my favourite time of the year! We celebrate it differently in Argentina, first of all it is summer so for me Christmas is about being around the pool, getting a tan and spending time with my family. But this year is going to be different and I am so looking forward to it.

We are going to celebrate it in Bath and I imagine it will be like the movie "The Holiday" (my one and only movie at this time of the year.) Being cozy around the fireplace, a big tree, crackers before dinner and hot chocolate!

So for this I wanted to share my 3 aspirational looks for this day. It is the best excuse to be able to put on all the things that bring you joy, so scroll down and let me know which one is your favourite for Christmas Day!

Dress - Boots - Bag - Earrings

Leather Jacket - Dress - Bag - Sandals - Earrings

Dress - Mules - Earrings - Lipstick

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