4 Colour Stacks to style your wardrobe!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Ever think when you have to get dressed, “OMG, I only have black clothes!”?

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. I’ve met many people that go from black, to white and grey items, because they are not confident on how to combine different colours together.

But don’t freak out! Follow these 4 tips to become a master on colour mixing and to create a new wardrobe edit with your owns style!

#1 Monochromatic

If colours scare you, then begin with easy combinations such as the monochromatic colour palette. Start by choosing one colour and then mixing it with different shades of that base. This creates a nice and soft combination in your outfit. It can be a total look suit, or just a top and a skirt as you can see below!

#2 Analogous combinations

The next step to get more comfortable using different colours together is to create looks that are analogous. What does this even mean you ask!?

Well basically, in the colour wheel they are the colours that are right next to each other. So we will choose three colours in a row (example pink, lilac and coral) to create a versatile combination but at the same time enough to make a strong statement.

We have chosen a lot of colour here, but if you prefer to be on the safer side of things you can use one colour for the larger items and use the accessories with the other two so it is not too overwhelming.

#3 Complementary