How to dress for your body type?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Do you have a dress that you always feel comfortable wearing? Or a pair of trousers that make you feel super confident?

We all have those clothes that we just love to wear, the dress that makes you feel great or the trousers you can match with anything. Well in this post I will be taking a more in depth look at what to wear depending on your body type to help you understand your body and feel more confident when getting dressed!

This is a guide that will give you tricks to learn how to balance out the shapes of your body, flattering or highlighting parts of your body with things that you would never have thought of!

I wanted to share my experience and make this guide to help you feel and look your best!

Scroll down to see the different body shapes and the outfits I suggest for each of them.


This body shape is the one that has the “ideal” proportions, where the shoulders and hips have a similar width and the waist being smaller. These proportions are the ones we will try to evoke in the other types of body shapes - trying to balance the shoulders, waist and hips.

For the Hourglass shape, we want to emphasise your waist and highlight your curves. This means wearing belted items and V necks are a must have with this shape, because it will flatter your bust and stylise your body.

If you feel comfortable you could also use crop tops and high waisted skirts/trousers to bring the attention to your waist.


This shape is called “Pear” because the widest part is the hips, so we will work on (you guessed it!) balancing the shape of your upper body! Using blouses with ruffles, volume sleeves and off shoulder items that are great to enhance and elongate your body.

Using off the shoulder items will draw the attention to your upper body, structured jackets are great to create a strong shape and add importance to your upper body.