What's your colour season? The art of colour analysis.

Updated: May 20, 2020

Do you ever feel that when you use that pink shirt that was on trend your skin looks pale and dry? Well that’s why we made this easy to follow guide to understand what colours make us glow!

We will do this by talking about different colour palettes in terms of seasons. When speaking about colour analysis we can go around in circles for hours, trying to identify what season we are or if we are a mixture of different seasons. This is an easy guide to get you started, and to be able to analyse your complexion and learn how to chose the best colours to make you shine!

So for this we divide them into 4 seasons

Winter - Summer - Spring - Autumn

Winter and Summer will have cool colour palettes (blue, green and purple) and on the other side we will have the warmer tones (yellow - orange - red) for Spring and Autumn.

REMEMBER - The favourable colours are the ones that are going to be next to your face, and will allow your skin to look super fresh! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use any other colours for trousers, shoes or even for a jacket! This is a guide to help you understand what colours to use next to your face.

Let’s see how we can discover our season and what looks will work best on us!

# Winter

If your season is Winter you will generally have a high contrast between your eyes, hair and skin (e.g. pale skin with dark hair and blue eyes). Your veins will look blue and your complexion will be light pink and blue.

Now, in terms of colours that are favourable for this season, we will have to find colours that are going to generate a high contrast, to be in harmony with your complexion. So the colours that would be best for you are Cool, Dark and Bright!